4 October 2021

Study of Prospects for CO2 Transport via Pipelines of JV Gazprom and Wintershall Dea Launched

The German company Wintershall Dea and the Regensburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany) have begun exploring how existing natural gas pipelines in the southern North Sea can be used for future CO2 transport.

It is referred to the gas transmission system of Wintershall Noordzee, a 50:50 joint venture between Wintershall Dea AG and Gazprom EP International B.V. Parts of this network could be used for CO2 transport and its further storing.

Wintershall Noordzee also operates numerous depleted reservoirs in the region. These are potentially suitable for storing CO2, which can play an important role in climate protection.

According to preliminary estimates, around 800 million tons of CO2 could be stored in the Dutch continental shelf. It is enough to store the entire annual emissions of all Dutch industry thirty times over (based on 2018 figures).


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