17 November 2021

Industry Association Releases First Framework for Reporting and Offsetting Emissions in LNG

On November 17, the International Group of Liquefied Natural Gas Importers (GIIGNL) published the pilot Framework for reporting and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions associated with LNG production and transportation.

The methodology covers all stages of LNG life-cycle – from gas production and processing to transportation and consumption. The framework develops a consistent approach to the monitoring, reporting, verification and offsetting of emissions. Hence, it creates common criteria for recognizing an LNG cargo as ‘carbon neutral’.

The project has involved more than 50 technical experts from 20 member companies. The Gazprom Group representatives were among them.

Now, the Framework is to be promoted and implemented in LNG projects around the world, including suppliers for the Gazprom Group portfolio.

“Alongside reducing and offsetting overall emissions, it is our intention that the Framework assists the industry in demonstrating greater transparency. We encourage the industry to begin using the Framework from now on but we understand that alignment will take time as industry participants build necessary resources and capabilities, " said Jean Abiteboul, President of GIIGNL.


More than 80 international companies are the members of GIIGNL. Among them are BP, TotalEnergie, ENGIE, ENI, Equinor, Gasunie, Uniper, CNOOC, GAIL, Mitsui.

The associate member of GIIGNL is Gazprom Marketing & Trading Ltd, part of the Gazprom Export Group.


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