10 April 2012

WINGAS receives permit to construct a gas pipeline from Germany’s Jemgum UGSF to the Netherlands

WINGAS, a joint venture between Gazprom and the German company Wintershall, received a permit to construct a gas pipeline to link the Jemgum underground gas storage facility (UGSF) under construction to the gas transportation system of the Netherlands. The main line of 14 kilometer long will stretch out from Jemgum (Germany, the Lower Saxony land) to Oude Statenzijl, a town on the border between Germany and the Netherlands.

The gas pipeline construction is planned to be commenced at the end of April 2012 and will take about six months. Part of works is projected to be carried out without ripping up the soil to preserve the environment. Preparations for the construction are already on the way.

According to a member of WINGAS Directorate Artour Chakhdinarov, the new gas pipeline will provide for “reliably and quickly supplies of natural gas to customers in the Netherlands, Great Britain and Belgium.”

The pipeline has a diameter of 90 centimeters and can transport up to 1.8 million cubic meters of natural gas per hour.

After the construction is completed the capacity of Jemgum UGSF will come up to 1 bln cm of active gas. It is planned to use the facility for storing both the Russian gas and gas from the fields in the North Sea and from the West-European spot markets, coming through the gas transportation system of the Netherlands. The first storage cavern will start to be filled in during summer 2013.


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