The Filling of the First Line of TurkStream with Natural Gas As Part of Commissioning Activities Has Started

Commercial gas flow through TurkStream is planned to start by the end of 2019

Construction of Nord Stream 2 Completed by 75%

To date, Nord Stream 2 has laid 1,855 kilometres of the pipeline in the Baltic Sea

Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Ends to Be Welded Together near Rugen Island

To date, 1,700 km of the pipeline — 70% of its total length – have been laid on the bottom of the Baltic Sea

Solitaire Starts Laying the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline in Russian Waters

Over 1,100 kilometres of the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline has now been laid in Finnish, Swedish and German waters

1,000 Kilometers of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Has Been Laid

Twenty Vessels are Currently Being Engaged in the Project

Russia's First LNG Plant Marks a Ten-Year Anniversary

Today, LNG from Sakhalin provides about 3.6% of the global LNG trade and about 4.8% of the LNG market in the Asia-Pacific region

Gazprom Marketing & Trading Singapore Has Been Listed Singapore 1000

The Singapore 1000 is the prestigious guide that ranks the nation’s top companies annually

A Record Volume of 58.8 Bcm Was Transported through Nord Stream Gas Pipeline in 2018

This represents the highest utilization rate of the pipeline since the start of operations