Industry Association Releases First Framework for Reporting and Offsetting Emissions in LNG

Gazprom Group supported its establishment

Nord Stream AG Celebrates Decade of Gas Supplies

Since the start of operations, the Nord Stream pipeline has delivered more than 430 bcm of gas

First Nord Stream 2 String Filled with Technical Gas

The pressure in the string is sufficient to start gas transportation

Gazprom Marketing & Trading Supplied Offsets for First Sakhalin-2 Green LNG Cargo

Japanese Toho Gas company purchased the cargo

NGV Rally Blue Corridor Finished In St Petersburg

It started on September 13 in Miass

German Nationwide Gas Trading Hub THE Launched

It unites market areas NCG and Gaspool

Gas Filling of First Nord Stream 2 String Started

The pipeline is independently certified according to applicable technical and industry standards

Study of Prospects for CO2 Transport via Pipelines of JV Gazprom and Wintershall Dea Launched

This can play an important role in climate protection

25-Year Anniversary of Russian Gas Supplies to Greece

Over the past quarter of a century, Gazprom has exported upwards of 54 bcm of gas to this country

Construction of Nord Stream 2 Fully Completed

Afterwards, the pre-commissioning activities will be carried out in order to put the pipeline into operation before the end of this year

Last Nord Stream 2 Pipe Has Been Welded in Baltic Sea

Nord Stream 2 will improve gas supply security and reliability in Europe

Gazprom NGV Europe Opens New CNG Filling Station in Berlin

It is the company’s ninth gas station in the capital of Germany

In Eight Months of 2021, Gazprom Increased Its Exports by 19.4% YoY

The supplies are keeping close to the record levels

Gazprom Energy Awarded Silver Medal Accreditation by International Ratings Provider EcoVadis

Company’s progress in sustainable development was highly appreciated

Gas Becomes Germany’s Main Energy Source

It accounted for 30.6% of German primary energy consumption in H1

Gazprom Increased Gas Exports by 23.2% in 2021

Gazprom’s deliveries are staying at the historical highs

EU Gas Demand to Remain Unchanged Even in Net-Zero Future

Gas will remain indispensable for electricity and hydrogen production, researchers say

European Gas Market Continues to Improve Despite Pandemic – ACER

Russian pipeline gas remains the largest source of EU gas supply

Gazprom Nears Historical Gas Exports in 1H 2021

The supplies surged by 25.7% to reach almost 100 bcm

Offshore Part of One Line of Nord Stream 2 Mechanically Completed

Pre-commissioning activities to prepare for gas-in start

Gazprom Exports of Gas to Far Abroad Countries in 2021 Reach 84.2 bcm

This is by 27.2% more than is the same period of 2020

Gazprom Marketing & Trading Charters Two New LNG Carriers

The ships will support the company’s presence on the global LNG market and enhance the business’ sustainability

Life Cycle GHG Emission Study Shows 23% GHG Reductions from LNG as a Marine Fuel

LNG can significantly contribute to meeting the IMO’s GHG reduction targets

From January to April, Exports of Gazprom to Far Abroad Countries Reached 68.4 bcm of gas

This is by 28.3% more than in the same period of 2020

Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the EU Reduced by the Record 13.3% in 2020

The power sector witnessed a 14.9% decrease due to the pandemic and decarbonization

The Volume of Natural Gas Transported by the Nord Stream Pipeline Reached 400 Bcm

The volume of gas transported via the pipeline in 2020 represents the highest mark since the start of operations

Within 3.5 Months of 2021, Gas Exports to the Far Abroad Countries Amounted to 60.5 Bcm

In the middle of the calendar spring, the demand for Gazprom's supplies remains as high as in winter

In Q1 2021, Gazprom Supplied the European Customers with 52.7 Bcm of Gas

Deliveries to the Far Abroad countries increased by 30 % compared to the same period last year

Germany's EUGAL Pipeline, Extending Nord Stream 2, Reaches Full Capacity

The pipeline can now transport up to 55 bcm of natural gas per year

Beginning of Spring Characterized with High Demand for Gazprom's Export Supplies

According to preliminary data, from 1 January to 15 March, 2021, gas exports to the Far Abroad countries amounted to 42.9 bcm

Since the Beginning of the Year, Gazprom Has Delivered 34.5 Bcm of Gas to the Far Abroad Countries

This is by 33% more than within the same period of 2020

Gazprom Marketing & Trading and Cen Geo Sign an Agreement for CO2 Reduction Projects

Instead of flaring, associated petroleum gas on the production sites will be commercially utilized

Gazprom Increases Gas Production and Exports

Between 1 and 15 January, deliveries to the Far Abroad countries increased by 41.5% compared to the same period of 2020

Sakhalin Energy Set New Record for LNG Production in 2020

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the company has secured access to a new foreign market — Singapore