Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the EU Reduced by the Record 13.3% in 2020

The power sector witnessed a 14.9% decrease due to the pandemic and decarbonization

The Volume of Natural Gas Transported by the Nord Stream Pipeline Reached 400 Bcm

The volume of gas transported via the pipeline in 2020 represents the highest mark since the start of operations

Within 3.5 Months of 2021, Gas Exports to the Far Abroad Countries Amounted to 60.5 Bcm

In the middle of the calendar spring, the demand for Gazprom's supplies remains as high as in winter

In Q1 2021, Gazprom Supplied the European Customers with 52.7 Bcm of Gas

Deliveries to the Far Abroad countries increased by 30 % compared to the same period last year

Germany's EUGAL Pipeline, Extending Nord Stream 2, Reaches Full Capacity

The pipeline can now transport up to 55 bcm of natural gas per year