14 January 2019

Gazprom Export Successfully Concludes a Balance-of-Month Gas Sales Deal on the Electronic Sales Platform

On January 10, 2019, within the trade session, Gazprom Export LLC successfully concluded the first gas sales deal on the balance-of-month basis at the Gaspool point.

Currently, a standard framework contract is being finalised and will allow performing such deals on a regular basis with all interested clients. Gazprom Export believes that the introduction of new flexible sales instruments, like balance-of-month and day-ahead contracts, will attract additional interest to the company’s products. The template contract will be published on the company’s website in the nearest future.


The Electronic Sales Platform is designed to physically sell natural gas to the European consumers, in addition to supplies under existing contracts. Gas sales through the ESP started at the end of September, 2018. Since the start of operations on the ESP the company has sold more than 1.8 bcm of gas having signed contracts with more than 20 clients.


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