6 August 2019

Gazprom Export Successfully Completed Another Gas Sales Deal on the Electronic Sales Platform With Payment in Rubles

On July 31, Gazprom Export successfully completed another deal of gas sales to Western Europe priced in rubles on the Electronic Sales Platform. The gas will be delivered within August to Gaspool point.

“We have already performed three sales deals on the Electronic Sales Platform with payment in rubles to several clients from Western Europe. It is of huge importance as we see that such kind of deals with payment in rubles is demanded by European market”, - Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, Director General of Gazprom Export Elena Burmistrova highlighted.


The Electronic Sales Platform (ESP) of Gazprom Export is designed to physically sell natural gas to the European consumers, in addition to supplies under existing contracts. Gas sales through the ESP started at the end of September, 2018. Since the start of operations on the ESP over 10 bcm of gas has been sold, contracts with more than 20 clients have been signed.


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