20 September 2019

Gazprom Export Marks the First Anniversary of Its Electronic Sales Platform

The first trading session on the Electronic Sales Platform (ESP) of Gazprom Export LLC has been launched on September 20, 2018.

According to the results of the past 12 months, Gazprom Export LLC has sold more than 12.7 bcm of gas via the ESP, which is a significant share of Gazprom’s supply to European countries. Sixty-two companies have already registered on the ESP and got access to ten delivery points. The unique geography of the delivery points, that the ESP provides, enhances their liquidity. A wide range of delivery periods is available to the ESP clients – from day-ahead to quarter-ahead contracts. The deals on the ESP can be priced in several currencies, including rubles.

“During the first year of its operation, the Electronic Sales Platform has proven to be an effective addition to our supplies under long-term contracts. This instrument reduces intra-day and seasonal volatility on the physical gas markets. In short-term we are planning to expand the geography of sales as well as to enhance offered terms of deliveries,” said Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, Director General of Gazprom Export Elena Burmistrova.


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