10 October 2019

World’s Largest Natural Gas Exporter Starts Paying Custom Fees Online

Gazprom Export LLC made its first remote export duty payment while lodging a customs declaration on 19 September 2019. The pilot payment is part of the project aimed at transition from advance payment method to payment service “Round” provided by Multiservice payment system LLC and Gazprombank JSC. 

The service is intended to simplify customs payment procedures and provides a possibility to make payments to the Federal Customs Service while lodging a customs declaration. Payments are processed via secure channels and can be made with the help of the service’s personal cabinet, electronic declaration programs, or the personal cabinet of the foreign economic activity participant on the FCS website.

“The use of this novation follows optimization of all processes including planning and control over customs payments and gaining of additional income from the Group’s temporarily unused funds”, said Gazprom Export’s Deputy General Director for Economy and Finance Gennady Ryndin. 

In her commentary on the project’s launch, Multiservice payment system LLC Deputy General Director Maria Matveyeva pointed out that the company “had been customizing the technology for Gazprom Export LLC for two years through a series of negotiations with client company Gazprom Export LLC and Gazprombank JSC, which is a part of Gazprom Group”. “Successful implementation of the project required technical integration of Multiservice payment system LLC and Gazprombank’s services, which has in effect become the settlement center for ‘Round’ payment service. We hope that the ‘Round’ implementation in the business of Gazprom Export LLC will not only bring advantages and convenience for the company, but also contribute to the development of the payment service’s infrastructure aimed at our clients’ demands”. 

“Professionalism of all the parties made it possible to finalize the technological integration with the ‘Round’ payment system in a short time”, stressed First Vice-President of Gazprom bank JSC Vladimir Busko. “As a result, Gazprombank JSC has become not only a participant of the payment service but also a settlement center. It allowed us to suggest to Gazprom Export LLC an effective and innovative approach to the service based on the client’s special demands. ‘Round’ customs cards have proved to be a trustworthy and flexible instrument on the market, and it is hard to imagine customs payments without them today. We are assured that this product will be particularly popular among the bank’s clients who develop foreign economic activity”.

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