18 October 2013

Gazprom Export Hockey Team Wins in Berlin for the Seventh Time

The seventh annual charity match between Gazprom Export hockey team and hockey veteran stars of German Eisbaren took place on the „О2” arena in Berlin, witnessed by 8,000 spectators.

Berlin hockey stars of the past Sven Felski, Petr Briza, Richard Zemlicka, Jens and Marcus Ziesche, backed by current German champion team managers Markus Flemming, Jeff Tomlinson and Piter John Lee, raised hopes for the match, bracing to put an end to the 6 fail streak that haunted the teams.

Match turned out scoring pretty fast: a little over three minutes into the game Aleksey Pogonin finished an elegant assist sequence, making the first number on a scoreboard. The German answer was straight off the ice — just 180 seconds later Bavarian centre Tobias Abstreiter dribbled defence of Russians and made the score.

Neither team was able to to please the audience with more goals in the second period. In the final third our team’s game advantage resulted in two goals made by Igor Varitsky, world champion of 1993. So 3:1 became a final score of a fascinating game, which kept the audience in suspense throughout the full hour.

The Gazprom Export team, led by its skipper Alexander Medvedev, left unbeatable in matches against German veterans for 7th consecutive time.


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