27 October 2014

Gazprom Export Hockey Beats Berlin Eisbären Allstars

Хоккеисты «Газпром экспорта» с берлинским клубом «Айсберен»

Gazprom Export Hockey Team vs Berlin Eisbären Allstars


Gazprom Export Hockey’s winning streak continued at their 9th annual charity game against the Berlin Eisbären Allstars at Berlin’s O2 World. The Gazprom team, comprising Russian ice-hockey legends, beat the team put together by former Eisbären star Sven Felski 5-3.

Both teams announced high-level acquisitions in the run-up to the game, with Gazprom export Hockey securing the services of NHL player and world champion Alexei Yashin and Stanley Cup winner Sergei Nemchinov signing up for the Eisbären. Star players Igor Varitsky and Maksim Mikhailovsky on the Russian side and Richard Žemlička and Eisbären manager Peter John Lee on the host’s side provided for more international flair on the ice.

As in previous years, Alexander Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee of GAZPROM and President of the Russian Kontinental Hockey League (KHL), was eager to take to the ice and captained the Gazprom export Hockey side. Vyacheslav Krupenkov, Senior Managing Director of GAZPROM Germania, also joined the St Petersburg team as a defence specialist.

Canadian centre Mark Jooris needed just five minutes to get the attention of the 6,000-strong crowd, scoring for the Eisbären with a smooth drive from centre field — a shock from which the guests wouldn’t recover until the end of the first period, despite their best efforts.

Gazprom Export Hockey were all the stronger to start into the second period, with Nikolai Ignatov firing a long-distance shot turned into goal. Just nine minutes later, Dmitry Gogolev used a standard situation from the mid-left and converted it with a crushing shot into the right-upper corner of the goal. Soon Gazprom Export’s star Alexei Yashin drew attention to him hitting the back of the net behind EHC München keeper Leonhard Wild, leaving the score at 3-1 at the end of the second period.

The protagonists saved most of their goals for the third period, with Sergei Nemchinov narrowing the score to 2-3 shortly into proceedings before Dmitry Subbotin and Rustem Kamaletdinov widened it in favour of the guests with a goal each. Finally, Mark Jooris scored again for the Eisbären with an unstoppable sole effort, taking the final score to 3-5.

“While this was just a friendly match, I think we saw ambition from both teams. But this was mostly about fun, and we definitely enjoyed ourselves”, said Eisbären captain Sven Felski. Felski was happy with his team’s performance despite the loss: “We only lost 3-5 — that’s a whole lot better than conceding 15 goals”, he said.

The day was completed with a programme of figure skating, shot speed measurement, and a variety of interviews. After the match, the all-star players were on hand to sign autographs.


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