2 August 2012

Exciting Football Matches at GAZPROM Germania Cup 2012 in Berlin

Футбольная команда "Газпром экспорта"

Gazprom Export soccer team


12 soccer teams from 7 countries took part in the GAZPROM Germania Cup 2012 in Berlin on 28 July 2012.

This 6th annual Sports Day held by GAZPROM Germania GmbH at Berlin's Olympic Stadium was attended by sports teams comprised mostly of football-keen employees of Gazprom Export (Russia), GAZPROM Schweiz (Switzerland), Gazprom Marketing & Trading (United Kingdom), VEMEX (Czech Republic), WINGAS (Germany), Bosphorus Gaz (Turkey), Gazprom EP International (Russia), KazRosGas and KazTransGas (Kazakhstan) - and the host of the tournament, GAZPROM Germania itself.

Top former soccer stars also attended these exciting matches. Unique soccer techniques and skills were demonstrated by former Russian national football team squad members Sergey Kiriakov, Sergey Dmitriev and Aleksandr Kanishev, - and German soccer legends Martin Max and Peter Sendscheid.

GAZPROM Germania, captained by its Senior Managing Director Vyacheslav Krupenkov, made the greatest surprise of the tournament. They took over formerly persistent title holders, the veterans Schalke 04 team at the semi-finals. 

Although it wasn't enough for the Silver Cup itself: the champion title in a steady 3-0 win is now held by a newcoming team of Gazprom EP International, which, in turn, lost earlier only 1-2 to Schalke 04, and also scored 1-1 draw against Gazprom Export commandeered by its own Director General Alexander Medvedev.

Despite the uncanny passions and excitement seething in the field, the goodwill and friendship spirit prevailed. The football wins all around.


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