Blue Corridor: Virtual Tour 2020

The year 2020 has changed the usual order of many things, and the Blue Corridor project is not an exception. As socially responsible companies, Gazprom and Uniper have decided to cancel the traditional natural gas-powered vehicles convoy through major European cities in order to minimize public interaction. In order to adapt to the current pandemic situation, we have changed our approach and organized this round of the Blue Corridor NGV rally in a new virtual format.

In late 2020 - early 2021, Gazprom and its partners organized a series of round tables and meetings in the European capitals. Depending on the local restrictions, round tables were organized either as online discussions, or in the traditional offline mode, with an opportunity to join online.  Where the current local Covid-19 situation allows further activities, these events was also accompanied by our traditional exhibitions of gas-fueled vehicles.

The main focus of the Blue Corridor 2020 was the promotion of low-carbon liquid and gaseous fuels in a dialogue with politicians. The current EU regulation on emission standards for new passenger cars and vans picks electric vehicles as a ‘silver bullet’ to achieve climate protection goals. We propose a technological neutral position and give low-carbon liquid and gaseous fuels the chance to quickly help reducing CO2 emission in the road transport sector.