The TurkStream project is aimed to provide security of supplies to Turkey and to the European countries

TurkStream is an export gas pipeline stretching from Russia to Turkey across the Black Sea. The first of the pipeline’s two strings is intended for Turkish consumers,  the second one — for the Southern and the Southeastern Europe. The pipeline has an aggregate capacity of 31.5 bcm (15.75 bcm per each of the two strings).

Supplies via TurkStream gas pipeline started in January, 2020. The volumes, transported via the pipeline in 2020, amounted to 13.51 bcm.

The offshore part of the pipeline crosses the Black Sea bed. Maximal depth along the route reaches 2,200 m. The length of the offshore part amounts to 910 km.The TurkStream pipeline surfaces on the shore of the European part of Turkey near Kıyıköy.

The project complies with all environmental safety standards. The construction and operation technologies for the subsea pipeline foresee minimal impact on the environment, seabed geology, water quality and the habitat for marine fauna, mammals and sea birds as well as fishery.

Implementation of the Project


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