Carbon trading

Gazprom Group is currently utilizing the opportunities made available by the Kyoto Protocol. Participation in the carbon business can support the Gazprom Group’s traditional business, through synergies with trade deals of gas and electricity. The Kyoto Protocol, aimed at gradually reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, provides for trading these emissions. Our UK-based subsidiary, Gazprom Marketing & Trading, is developing this business segment.

GM&T currently offers its consumers a package of bundled products (gas, electricity, CO2 emission permits) implementing the «single window» principle on the energy market. The company further uses these products to optimize its project portfolio and reduce the level of risks.

GM&T is involved in the implementation of greenhouse gas emissions permits trading in Russia, America, Asia and the Middle East. In 2008, GM&T and Indian company «SAN» signed the agreement establishing a joint venture for realization of Clean development projects providing for the subsequent sale of emissions certificates in India. The joint venture was registered in 2009.

In February 2008, Japanese trading company «Marubeni» bought GM&T’s quotas on CO2 emissions. Moreover, the parties signed Cooperation agreement on emission reduction projects to be implemented in Japan.

At the present moment a dialogue is being initiated with the Chinese companies.