New Forms of Trade

Along with traditional supplies under long-term contracts, Gazprom Export is developing  new trade instruments.

In September 2018, Gazprom Export launched its own Electronic Sales Platform (ESP) for natural gas sales both on standard market conditions as well as on its own terms directly to market participants. The ESP provides the possibility to conclude contracts for gas supply to any available delivery point (both trading hubs and non-liquid border points) with different periods of delivery, ranging from “within day” to “season ahead” and “calendar year”.  Therefore, via ESP Gazprom Export is able to promptly sell gas on market conditions, taking into account the current market situation, and offering flexible and competitive product.

ESP offers to its clients not only different sales instruments, but the option to pay in different currencies as well. Thus, on 7 March  2019, the first deal on gas sales priced in rubles was successfully concluded.

In April 2019, Gazprom Export introduced its own index, the ESP European Gas Index (ESPGazEX). It is calculated as a weighted average price of all transactions on the ESP with deliveries in the corresponding month.

In 2019, over 15 bcm of gas under the contracts concluded at the ESP was delivered to points NCG and Gaspool in Germany, TTF in the Netherlands, Baumgarten and VTP in Austria, Arnoldstein in Italy, VTP in Slovakia, Beregovo in Hungary, and Olbernhau in the Czech Republic. As of 31 December 2019, the total volume of gas sold via the ESP exceeded 16 bcm.

In order to diversify gas-trading instruments and for the development of trading activity, the first EFET (*European Federation of Energy Traders) contract with the Vitol S.A. company was signed. Within this contract, the first deal was completed in December 2019. Furthermore, in 2019 the agreement with Griffin Markets’ gas broker was signed.